Thursday, March 4, 2010

Maths Lecturer

5th of march 01
I went through one and a hour of lecturer today with my mind fog! really hope i wont get dat teacher for my maths subject!!!! well,big noise event will start in an hour soon!~so goodbye peeps!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Bush dance and Big noise workshop!

1st of march
It was autumn now,the pieces of my today's advice was-Treat yrself something that will make u feel good.hmmm dont u think dat is a good start! I really make it.I dance and all without feeling shy or ashame i just enjoy the whole event! Big noise event will be on the 7th of march im really looking forward it and i gotta learn my steps well haha..
During bush dance.didnt take much pics cuz we all were enjoying ourselves der!
im the only group 9 in albert hs luckily the group 10 which are lewisa,yan fei and russel accompanied me wohoo thx! although is tiring by dancing all day long but is fun fun fun!

Jogging day..

28th feb 01
As i promise dwen dat i will go with the park with him,i gotta force myself to wake up from my bed eventhough how tired i was! well,michelle wanna come along too so woke her up for so many times as u guys know yeah is really hard to wake her up hahax.when i saw the missed call from dwen immediately i sms him and ask him to give us 5 mins. everything was in a mess dis morning cuz we were late! when i open my room door dwen gave me a fright omg! next time dun stand outside ppl's door wei! lols..well, we walk all the way to places and reconigze the streets and all cuz we will have amazing race on next sat...and im looking forward to It! The park was really peacefull and i love it so much i feel so fresh and relax! After jogging, we sat beside the lake der and have a seeing the seagulls,ducks and all omg just love it so much and i cant wait for the next visit to the park!too bad i didnt bring my camera along will take some pic of the park next time...:)

St kilda beach!

27th of feb 01
The weather here is really weird! We tot dat we so gonna have sunburn today but ends up freezing der! But it was relaxing but scary to look at those huge waves...haha.but wad i feel was really different from pangkor..when yuki was being fool,i sat der and started to flashback the moments i had in pangkor with the most awesome pangkor are u guys doing??? well the most stupid thing was i wore like a sunny day but end up windy. luckily the guys brought their jackets and we girls ends up using up their jackets.

A night for chocolate drinks.

26th feb 01

Rachael came to our room and ask us out for chocolate drinks,and off we go.fortunately,michelle and I order the childrens menu dun laugh cuz is big kay ya i ordered baby mousse for dat night...omg it was really sweet!!!! but nice though but just warn u guys dun eat too much cuz u will felt uncomfortable after dat haha anyway it was a nice night thou..

the pics of us after having chocolate drinks.:)

victoria night market.

24th of feb 01
Well i dont even how the night market was so all of us decided to have a look after our dinner in albert hs.. Omg didnt even know dat it will be so crowded...but der were varieties of food and all...nothing much and interesting to say so i shall let the pics talk...:)
the albertian...
from left was ern,me and michelle

had honey dumpling for dat night! Thumbs up!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

First day of orientation

22nd feb 01
  • We need bout 20 to 30 mins i guess to get to trinity well,I went to school today with the bunch of albertion...had the english test and almost fall asleep.well we had our tour for an hour and is freaking tiring...went to basketball court at night and we was are some of the pics of my day..

The first day of my orientation day